What Is An Online Business Manager, and Is It Time for You to Hire One?

         Imagine you’re on the highway. You’re driving your car, which is fully loaded with all of your belongings (and probably some stuff that doesn’t belong to you). Suddenly, there’s a loud noise coming from the back of your car, and smoke starts seeping into your car through whatever crack it can find. Now imagine you see an exit and you quickly steer yourself off the highway. You park your car and walk toward the nearest gas station’s payphone to call a tow truck.

You can do everything on your own — but is it worth it?

             If this sounds like your business (or something similar), then congratulations, you’ve made it far! You’re at the point of your business where you can’t do everything on your own anymore. Imagine that same situation, but instead of calling a tow truck, you grab some tools and start working away. In

inevitably, you break a screwdriver and the car catches fire. Or you need to use your tools but have no idea how to replace a tire because it’s been so long since you’ve had to do that job yourself.

             This analogy holds true for businesses in all different types of situations. For example:

Someone needs to handle your social media. It used to be just a matter of updating your Facebook status or tweeting at people once in a while, but now it requires someone with extensive knowledge, specifically about what content gets the most traction (and why). What works on Twitter may not work on Google+, and what makes sense on Facebook may not make sense on Instagram — and if something doesn’t work, the entire business is affected.

Someone needs to handle your website’s marketing. Don’t have a clue about SEO? Let someone who knows about it handle that for you. Someone needs to deal with email marketing, too — maybe you’ve been using plugins and mailing lists, but social media is also a huge part of online marketing, so make sure your site can accommodate all of them. Don’t know anything about A/B testing or how to use analytics effectively? Someone else can take care of that for you while you do what you’re best at coming up with new, engaging ideas!

People need to be on hand 24 hours a day. Hiring an online business manager means more people are available around the clock to answer questions from customers who need assistance at 3 a.m. You can keep up with your work schedule and sleep when you want, without having to think about if someone needs help or what’s going on in the company because you have a manager there who knows exactly how things should be handled!

When it comes down to it, taking care of all these tasks is exhausting — and time-consuming. No one wants to spend an hour just brainstorming new ideas for their business. In fact, that’s probably the last thing on their mind after working for hours on end just to get something done. Hiring an online business manager means they’ll take care of handling social media accounts, email marketing campaigns, website updates, SEO tactics, analytics management, and more for your business. The world of online business management is vast, but it’s also very complex. The best way to figure out if an online business manager is a right choice for you is by having a conversation with one or more people in your industry who already utilize their services.

             Need help finding someone to manage your business’ social media? Hire my company! We can handle updating all of your accounts from one place and make updates tailored specifically to your audience.

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             Can you fix it? Of course! There’s nothing wrong with doing things on your own when you know, without a doubt, what to do. But maybe the noise isn’t coming from behind your car. Maybe it’s coming from under the hood. You don’t have any idea how to make it stop, which means even if you get rid of the noise coming from behind you, there’ll be another one waiting right around the corner.

             Now imagine this time it’s not just you by yourself trying to fix your car, but you’re accompanied by some of the best mechanics in the world. You know that if something’s wrong with your car, these are the people who can help, but sometimes there are some things that even they don’t know. But for everything else, you have their expertise at your disposal.

             That’s what an online business manager can do for someone like yourself — they’ll help with whatever is needed on any part of your business so you won’t have to worry about doing it on your own or trying to find someone who knows how to do it . It doesn’t stop at just knowing how to manage a website either! They know all sorts of marketing strategies and techniques that will further boost traffic to your website and your business in general, and they know how to make you more money (because we all want more of that, right?).

             Not only will an online business manager be able to boost your income and help grow your site or business even further, but they’ll also save you time. A lot of time. It takes a long period of trial and error until you find something that works for your website or business model — if it ever does! However, an online business manager already knows the secrets to make everything work perfectly for you. When hiring someone like this, you get all their knowledge with none of the year’s worth of mistakes they made along the way in getting there. They’ll start working on everything today so by tomorrow you’ll already be knee-deep in money and traffic.

             Remember, you don’t need to know everything about your business — that’s what people like an online business manager are for! Someone like this is worth every penny (and probably a lot more) because they can do anything and everything to better your website or business. Why would you want to spend hours on end trying to figure out how to make something work when all it takes is one call to get it done? Is it really time for you to hire one? We think so.

         Imagine you’re on the highway. You’re driving your car, which is fully loaded with all of your belongings (and probably some stuff that doesn’t belong to you). Suddenly, there’s a loud noise coming from the back of your car, and smoke starts seeping into your car through whatever crack it can find. Now imagine…